Billing & Insurance

Billing & Insurance

We recognize that navigating the billing process can be daunting for some patients. To ensure transparency and ease, we strive to simplify our billing procedures.
It’s important to understand that your bill from Kyle ER & Hospital may differ from those of other medical facilities or providers. Kyle ER & Hospital is a specialty hospital.
In line with patient protection measures, the Federal No Surprises Act (NSA) was enacted by the federal government. The NSA aims to prevent surprise billing, which occurs when patients receive unexpected bills for services rendered by out-of network healthcare providers or facilities. Under this act, out of-network providers are prohibited from billing patients beyond their yearly in-network deductible and co-insurance.
It’s worth noting that patients may receive bills for the full charges until the insurance payment amount is provided or paid to the facility by the patient. However, this doesn’t apply to amounts paid directly to patients by their insurance providers for services rendered.
The Federal No Surprises Act also established a payment system for emergency services based on local median in network rates, known as QPAs (Qualifying Payment Amounts), replacing the customary usual rates. This system requires insurers and providers to negotiate payment amounts and settle disputes through an independent resolution process. Insurers are now obligated to disclose how they determine the QPA-median in network price and whether they down-code claims for any reason.
The hospital is out-of-network for all benefit plans. Hospital Notice Required by HB 2041

The facility is licensed as a Hospital under the provisions of Chapter 241, Health and Safety Code, and the Hospital Licensing Rules.

The facility charges rates comparable to other hospitals and may charge a facility fee for emergency room services.

The facility or physician providing services at the facility may be out-of-network with the patient’s health plan.

A physician(s) providing medical care at the facility may bill separately from the facility for the medical care provided to a patient.

The hospital is out-of-network for all benefit plans.

El hospital está fuera de la red para todos los planes de beneficios. Aviso hospitalario requerido por HB 2041

La instalación tiene licencia como Hospital bajo las disposiciones del Capítulo 241, el Código de Salud y Seguridad, y las Reglas de Licencias Hospitalarias.

La instalación cobra tarifas comparables a otros hospitales y puede cobrar una tarifa de instalación por los servicios de sala de emergencias.

El centro o médico que presta servicios en el centro puede estar fuera de la red con el plan de salud del paciente.

Un médico que proporciona atención médica en el centro puede facturar por separado del centro para la atención médica proporcionada a un paciente.

El hospital está fuera de la red para todos los planes de beneficios.